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JakPod 3.00 released! Small updates - see changelog! (Changelog).

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3.00 - 16.01.2020

- Misc: jtattoo library updated (1.6.13)
- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: Inno Setup updated (6.0.3)
- Misc: Changed the way to find the installed Java version (to Support OpenJDK too)
- Misc: Changed the minimum required Java version to 1.7

2.89 - 25.03.2019

- BugFix: if the iPod was written/filled with an old iTunes version JakPod wrecks the iTunesDB.

2.88 - 05.10.2018

- Misc: made JakPod Java 11 compatible

2.87 - 23.09.2018

- Misc: some Java 10 compatibility issues fixed
- Misc: hash calculation speedup for TreeNodes (better Tree creation performance)
- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: made update check more robust

2.86 - 28.07.2018

- Misc: made JakPod Java 10 compatible

2.85 - 29.06.2018

- BugFix: don't show empty ("null") lines in filtered tables
- Misc: made JakPod Java 9 compatible

2.84 - 04.11.2017

- Feature: export tracks to text file ("m3u", "csv" or "txt")
- Feature: shuffle playlist
- Feature: export playlists (including files) from iPod to hard disk (experimental)

2.83 - 10.02.2016

- Feature: adding tracks referenced in "m3u" playlists

- BugFix: in some cases playlists were shown twice
- BugFix: some localization issues fixed

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: jtattoo library updated

2.82 - 14.10.2014

- BugFix: sometimes a track was shown twice after adding to a playlist

- Misc: disable/enable copy- delete-buttons regarding on if there are tracks selected or not
- Misc: more descriptive messages on copy operations
- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

2.81 - 27.05.2014

- BugFix: list albums without artwork fixed
- BugFix: some possible NPEs fixed

- Misc: some other small bugfixes

2.8 - 16.04.2014

- Feature: artwork support for iPhone 5(c/s) implemented

- Misc: made JakPod Java 8 compatible

2.71 - 31.01.2014

- BugFix: Localization of some labels fixed
- BugFix: Reorganizing Artwork still didn't work (in some cases)

2.7 - 30.01.2014

- BugFix: some small bugfixes related to artwork adding/removing/reorganizing
- BugFix: OOM-Error on track editing fixed

- Feature: create a new artwork database based on the tags of the media files

- Misc: read the serial from SysInfoExtended file first (SysInfo "lies" sometimes)
- Misc: added some more error-logging during iTunesDB reading and JakPod start
- Misc: huge reorganizing artwork rework (consider tags inside the media files)

2.6 - 21.01.2014

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: jtattoo library updated
- Misc: small changes to workaround Java7U51 XML-Bug

2.5 - 23.08.2013

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: drastical performace boost on writing SQLiteDB (e.g. on nano 5G)

2.4 - 18.07.2013

- BugFix: reorder library playlist on startup to avoid strange sorting in some cases
- BugFix: letter-jump-table (fast search) fixed
- BugFix: avoid writing lists without list-content (JakPod hung in such cases on writing the iTunesDB)
- BugFix: statusbar counter fixed

- Feature: status for iTunesDB-parsing on startup added

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: summary dialog on "deleting tracks not in iTunesDB" added

2.3 - 14.06.2013

- Bugfix: reading iPod-touch and iPhone database fixed
- Bugfix: add missing album art entries was broken
- BugFix: reorganize album art was broken
- BugFix: focus issue for file selection dialog on Linux/jtattoo fixed

- Feature: now you can add artwork using Drag&Drop on treenodes

- Misc: database header information updated
- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: jtattoo library updated
- Misc: iPod-model information (touch 32GB) added
- Misc: made jakpod.sh shell-independent

2.2 - 05.02.2013

- Feature: Theme selection for JTattoo added

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

2.1 - 04.12.2012

- Feature: show total and free space inside the statusbar
- Feature: JTattoo for LookAndFeel changing added

- Misc: treeview editing behavior smoothed
- Misc: "Ctrl"+"L" write files with identical DBID into logfile
- Misc: shorten tracklocation and tracktitle if they are to long for the trackinformation panel

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

2.05 - 16.08.2012

- Bugfix: under some circumstances playlists are created twice

- Feature: edit tracks inside playlists
- Feature: rename playlists, albums, artists and tracks directly inside the tree-view
- Feature: edit multiple tracks at once

- Misc: language files fixed/updated

2.04 - 16.07.2012

- Feature: Create playlist from tracks without artwork

- BugFix: Creation of "nameless" playlists fixed
- BugFix: Setup for 64Bit Windows fixed

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

2.03 - 16.05.2012

- Misc: propertiesfile update mechanism implemented
- Misc: setup (for Windows) added

2.02 - 03.05.2012

- BugFix: NPE check in SQLiteDBWriter added
- BugFix: Support for older iTunesDB-versions was broken

- Misc: Log- and properties files location changed from program folder to "$HOME/.jakpod" and "$HOME/.iPodManager"

2.01 - 10.04.2012

- BugFix: Too many open files issue fixed
- BugFix: Possible NPE on playlist deletion fixed
- BugFix: Create new iTunesDB from scratch was broken on some new iPod models (with Hash72)
- BugFix: Track properties editor has only saved the first (committed) change of a track

- Misc: Fallback for files without artwork implemented (try to get artwork from sourcetrack)
- Misc: iPod-Modellinformation for Nano 6G (Graphite) corrected
- Misc: support for new ArtworkDB fixed
- Misc: new property inside the "ipod.properties": createNewITunesDBOnReadError
- Misc: "next"/"previous" toggeling inside the track-properties dialog fixed
- Misc: on adding track to iPod the "imageSize" was not set

2.0 - 26.03.2012

- Feature: replace "~" with userhome for predefinedMountpoints
- Feature: launch the associated application on doublecklicking a track node

- Misc: speedup tree creation

- BugFix: possible NullPointerException on adding/removing files to iPod fixed

2.0 (Beta5) - 09.03.2012

- Feature: reading artwork for iPhone 4s added (LINUX only)
- Feature: "predefined mountpoints" added to find iPods automatically (on LINUX systems)
- Feature: filebrowser for "Search these places for iPods:"-option added

- Misc: check for update menuitem addet to help menu
- Misc: more logging added
- Misc: file-read-buffer decreased to be iPhone 4s (gvfs) compatible
- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

- BugFix: filename issue (for artwork files) on copy files to computer fixed

2.0 (Beta4) - 07.03.2012

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

- BugFix: copying tracks between iPods was impossible since Beta2
- BugFix: deleting tracks from iPod was impossible since Beta2

2.0 (Beta3) - 05.03.2012

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: donation dialog implementd, about dialog reworked
- Misc: code cleanup and formatting, javadoc completed

2.0 (Beta2) - 24.02.2012

- BugFix: if the JakPod_HashInfo was created the first time an SQLException was thrown on writing the SQLiteDB

- Feature: (read) support for iPhones 4s added (LINUX only)
- Feature: "read only" functionality for unknown or unsupported iPods implemented (to avoid "damaging" the iPod databases)

- Misc: iPhone 4s model information added
- Misc: initial memory usage decreased
- Misc: get supportSQLiteDB-Flag from internal modelinformation (instead of from SysInfoExtended file)
- Misc: "Write iTunesSD in new format"-property removed - this will be determined by iPod model
- Misc: menu item "Reorganize Artwork (compatible)" removed - this will be determined automatically by iPod model

2.0 (Beta1) - 16.12.2011

- BugFix: usage of proprietary oracle class removed to be OpenJDK compatible

- Feature: initial support for iPod-Touch and iPhones added (only for LINUX)

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: error logging on file transfer extended

1.54 - 17.10.2011

- BugFix: Compatibility with iTunes 10.4 where the PlaylistList is missing.

1.54 (Beta1) - 29.08.2011

- BugFix: StringIndexOutOfBoundsException on SearchLPI creation fixed (if a track-detail-string was empty)

- Misc: write iTunesDB writing optimized (speeded-up)

1.53 - 18.08.2011

- BugFix: table sorting ("date added" and "selected" column) was broken with more than 1 connected iPod
- BugFix: NullPointerException was thrown on unknown iPod models

- Feature: Playlist creation (via actionmenu and contextmenu) added

- Misc: write relevant iPod-informations into error-log on startup
- Misc: regard the sorting strings on adding files to iPod
- Misc: some (small) performanceimprovements
- Misc: clickbehavior in explorer view fixed
- Misc: more iPod model informations added
- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: some code cleanup

1.52 - 22.07.2011

- BugFix: errorhandling on image loading extended
- BugFix: iPod was listet twice on "load backup as iPod" - (in some cases)

- Misc: JakPod startup and playlist filtering optimizations (speeded-up)

1.51 - 17.06.2011

- BugFix: bottom StatusBar was not updated on focus change
- BugFix: imagesize was not written on artwork-DB reorganizing
- BugFix: splashscreen-statusbar was "mixed" in some cases
- BugFix: internal AlbumID was not unique in some cases

- Feature: track detail viewer/editor added

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: artwork handling improved
- Misc: artwork support for local library added

1.5 - 21.04.2011

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: code formatting and cleanup
- Misc: jakpod.png icon for Linux systems added

1.5 (Beta7) - 27.03.2011

- BugFix: Writing hash72 to iPods without iTunesCDB fixed
- BugFix: JakPod sometimes hung if an iPod was connected

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: changing iPod name improved

1.5 (Beta6) - 08.03.2011

- BugFix: Artwork format detection fixed

- Feature: Support for new iPod models added - latest Classic, Nano 5G (with cam)

- Misc: iPod model information added
- Misc: SQLiteDB handling extended

1.5 (Beta5) - 09.02.2011

- BugFix: handling of smart playlists with more than one ruleset fixed
- BugFix: smart playlist ruleTypes completed
- BugFix: made reading sysinfoextended files more flexible

- Feature: New entry inside the tools menu: "Show Albums Without Artwork"

- Misc: Made reading smart playlist more flexible (tolerate erroneous smart playlists)

1.5 (Beta4) - 14.01.2011

- BugFix: reading track elements from older iTunesDBs fixed

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

1.5 (Beta3) - 24.11.2010

- BugFix: drag and drop of files with umlauts on Linux systems fixed
- BugFix: "endless refreshing" on adding files on Linux systems fixed

1.5 (Beta2) - 04.11.2010

- BugFix: internal Track and PlaylistItem handling fixed to be compatible with iTunes 10
- BugFix: temp files for reading/writing compressed iTunesDB (iTunesCDB) have been not deleted

- Feature: writing SQLiteDB to handle new generation iPods implemented

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated

1.5 (Beta1) - 20.07.2010

- BugFix: Reorganizing ArtworkDB has destroyed the complete artworkDB in some cases

- Feature: copy artwork between different iPod models added
- Feature: automatic detection of connected iPod model added (if sysinfo or sysinfoextended exists)
- Feature: artistlist handling for new iPods added
- Feature: handling for compressed iTunesDB (iTunesCDB) added
- Feature: changing of iPod-name implemented
- Feature: show iPod-type below iPod-DropdownBox

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated


- BugFix: Copy Artwork to harddisc configuration was faulty
- BugFix: "IllegalArgumentException: Illegal group reference" on copying files with "$" in name to harddisk fixed

- Misc: jaudiotagger library updated
- Misc: Performance improvement on working with large libraries
- Misc: Video file support (*.m4v) removed because jaudiotagger does not support video files


- BugFix: NPE on copy to playlist fixed
- BugFix: adding files to playlist fixed
- BugFix: playlists dropdown box hasn't shown playlists with the same name

- Misc: Progress dialog for delete repair action added


same as 1.42 (Beta1)

1.42 (Beta1)

- BugFix: NPE on writing ArtworkDB fixed
- BugFix: error on reading new iTunesSD fixed
- BugFix: invalidCharacterIdentifier in jakPod.properties extended to filter quotes
- BugFix: wrong number of tracks shown in status bar
- BugFix: fixed deadlocks on 64Bit systems

- Misc: status dialog for CopyFilesToHarddisc action implemented


- BugFix: on changing iPod in iPodDropDownBox the filterstring wasn't removed

- Misc: performance improvement on changing iPod in iPodDropDownBox
- Misc: performance improvement on filtering by filterstring


- Misc: documentation, code beautifying, some small bugfixes

1.4 (Beta4)

- Feature: Support for copying of playlist directories added

- Misc: some small bugfixes

1.4 (Beta3)

- BugFix: Made ArtworkDB-reading iTunes 9 compatible

1.4 (Beta2)

- Feature: Added configuration to suppress some information windows.

1.4 (Beta1)

- Feature: Support for reading playlist directories added
- Feature: Added "coutner" option to substitution pattern on copying files from iPod to harddisk
- Feature: new Explorer view implemented
- Feature: Support for Shuffle 3G and above added (new property write iTunesSD in new Format)

- Misc: playlist directories removed from playlist dropdown boxes

1.3 - 07.04.2009

- Misc: uncheck selected tracks only if copy to harddsik was successfull

1.3 (Beta2) - 24.03.2009

- BugFix: creating new iTunesDB on a "not emty" iPod fails
- BugFix: copy cover art to harddsik is broken

1.3 (Beta1) - 23.03.2009

- Feature: use a free configurable substitution pattern on copying files from iPod to harddisk

1.2 - 18.03.2009

- BugFix: Drag and Drop from filesystem to JakPod was broken
- BugFix: "date added" and "selected" table sorting was broken
- BugFix: be more tolerant in reading not well tagged mediafiles (fallback: use filename as title if no tag found)
- BugFix: cloning from old iPod (an iPod model before Classic) to new iPod (an iPod model >= Classic) fails in some cases

- Feature: added a progress bar to the splash screen
- Feature: Ctrl+A now toggles between track selection/deselection

- Misc: made index creation more performant
- Misc: model creation (table and tree) completely reworked
- Misc: some focus issues fixed
- Misc: keyboard handling extended
- Misc: english language file reworked

1.1 - 02.03.2009

- BugFix: be more tolerant in reading ID3-V1-Tags

- Feature: Drag and Drop inside JakPod implemented

- Misc: resize iPodDropdownBoxes on resizing of JakPod
- Misc: misspelling in AddMissingAlbumArtEntries tooltip
- Misc: icon to properties window added

1.0 - 11.02.2009

- BugFix: on playlist-copy, on the target iPod the playlist-entries where shown twice

- Misc: show the driveletter of the iPod inside the iPod dropdown box instead of the root node of the iPod-tree

0.99 (Beta1) - 02.02.2009

- BugFix: Audiobooks not shown inside the Audiobooks section (on iPods > 4. Gen)

- Feature: show DRM-protected tracks in red color and show the UserID inside the table view
- Feature: new property to enable/disable copying of DRM-protected tracks between iPods (protection will NOT be removed!)
- Feature: backup and restore implemented
- Feature: iPod cloning implemented
- Feature: loading iPod-backup as iPod implemented

0.92 - 22.12.2008

- Feature: simple playlisthandling (for static playlists) implemented

- Misc: new jaudiotagger version (1.177)
- Misc: because of a limitiation of jaudiotagger mp4 video support doesn't work at the moment

0.91 - 25.11.2008

- BugFix: copy files Bug fixed

0.91 (Beta1) - 25.11.2008

- BugFix: on iPod Shuffles some songs where not played (although they are on the Shuffle itself and in the DBs)
- BugFix: removing and creating of sorting details fixed
- BugFix: add missing entries or recreate database Bug fixed (tracks where shown twice in some cases)

- Feature: properties dialog added

- Misc: new jaudiotagger version

0.9 - 04.11.2008

- BugFix: iPod could not be found on LINUX systems fixed
- BugFix: memoryleak fixed - on multiple connect/disconnect of iPods JakPod runs in OOME

0.9 (Beta4) - 29.10.2008

- Misc: if parsing of the iTunesDB wents totaly wrong - backup the old one and create a new and empty iTunesDB. This opens the possibility to execute repair operations on this iPod.

0.9 (Beta3) - 27.10.2008

- Misc: meta-tag library switched from entagged audioformats to jaudiotagger (jaudiotagger is much slower than the entagged package - but it works correctly) Unfortunately it is also much bigger. :o(

0.9 (Beta2) - 25.10.2008

- BugFix: creation of mhiiIDs fixed

- Misc: log the artist and album name on "Ctrl+M" instead of the albumID
- Misc: log the artist and album name on "Ctrl+B" instead of the mhii- and albumID
- Misc: removed the albumID from the tracknames in the list and treeview

0.9 (Beta1) - 22.10.2008

- BugFix: some artists where shown several times
- BugFix: albumID creation fixed
- BugFix: show a "save" instead of an "open" Button in the "save to harddisk" dialog
- BugFix: calculation of total track length fixed (regarding on album art)

- Feature: remember selected track items on filtering
- Feature: clear track selection after copy operations
- Feature: new property (in ipod.properties) to set the initial iPod name
- Feature: show compilations in an own "compilations" folder (before every artist of a compilation was shown separately)
- Feature: new dropdownBox to filter the iPod content by playlists
- Feature: copy albumArt back to Harddisk
- Feature: Hidden feature "Ctrl+B" to log different albums with same mhiiID to the error.log (to find double/faulty album art)
- Feature: Hidden feature "Ctrl+M" to log (and correct the track properties) albums where no track has artwork assigned (to find albums without album art)

- Misc: "extreme" code cleanup (javadoc fixed, methods renamed...)
- Misc: new lookup mechanism for finding image items also on older iPod models
- Misc: enhancements reading the SysInfoExtendet-XML-File
- Misc: log artworkDB stuff into a separate logfile
- Misc: a lot of helper methods put into the Utils class
- Misc: put iTunesDB handling into a seperate manager
- Misc: put iTunesSD handling into a seperate manager
- Misc: put iPod Management into a seperate manager
- Misc: filtering improved

0.87 - 25.08.2008

- BugFix: creating of a new trackDBID was buggy (the "multiple speakers" bug)
- BugFix: creating of a new albumID was buggy if there was no artist or album set on the track

- Feature: Hidden feature "Ctrl+D" added to fix the "multiple speakers" bug
- Feature: Save compilations in an separate "compilation" folder on harddisc and add the artist name to the trackname (the compilation foldername is configurable within the "jakpod.properties")

- Misc: on copying of tracks the "date added" will be set to current date
- Misc: on copying of tracks reset "rating", "playcount" to 0 and set the iTunsDBID to the track
- Misc: take care about artwork size on size calculation (e.g. for copy operations)
- Misc: set the reserved size for iTunesDB and ArtworkDB on copy operations to 40MB

0.86b - 19.08.2008

- BugFix: copy album art from iPod to iPod rework
- BugFix: reorganizing ArtworkDB action fixed

- Misc: image item handling adapted to the iTunes behavior (only one image item per raw image data)

0.86a - 15.08.2008

- BugFix: add missing album art action fixed
- BugFix: reorganize artworkDB action fixed

0.86 - 08.08.2008

- BugFix: reorganizing of ArtworkDB muddles AlbumArt in some cases
- BugFix: updatemanager fixed

- Feature: create iTunes compatible *.ithmb files (new menu entry)

- Misc: set new (and maybe more senseful) default sorting strings in iPod.properties
- Misc: put ArtworkDB handling into a seperate Manager

0.85a - 26.06.2008

- BugFix: Update check fixed

- Feature: Startup of JakPod speedup

- Misc: Create an AlbumList inside the iTunesDB if there is none

0.85 - 24.06.2008

- BugFix: letter jumping (maybe finally) fixed
- BugFix: copy tracks from iPod to iPod fixed (tracks couldn't be found on the source iPod after copying under some circumstances)

- Feature: Artwork copy support on copy from iPod to iPod (at the moment this works only for iPods of the same generation. Enable or disable it by setting "copyAlbumArt=" true or false inside the jakpod.properties)
- Feature: Delete defective database entries deletes defective entries from the ArtworkDB
- Feature: Reorganizing of ArtworkDB and artwork files added (removes duplicates and unreferenced images from *.ithmb files)
- Feature: new menuitem inside the "Tools" menu to reorganize the ArtworkDB

- Misc: creating of new and empty ArtworkDB implemented

0.84 (Beta4) - 03.06.2008

- BugFix: letter jumping (on fast scrolling) fixed

- Feature: reading, writing, validation of ArtworkDB completed
- Feature: support for commaseparated list of artist ignore strings inside the iPod.properties added
- Feature: new menu "Tools"
- Feature: new menuitem inside the "Tools" menu to remove sorting details from the iTunesDB
- Feature: new menuitem inside the "Tools" menu to create sorting details inside the iTunesDB
- Feature: new menuitem inside the "Tools" menu that sets the album art for tracks without albumart to the albumart of a track from the same album that has album art.

- Misc: creating of new and empty iTunesDB adapted to iTunes behavior

0.84 (Beta 3) - 19.05.2008

- BugFix: erroneous playlist handling fixed
- BugFix: erroneous repair actions fixed

- Feature: hidden repair option "Ctrl+R", "Ctrl+S" (only for broken iTunesDBs from erroneous repair options)

- Misc: iTunesDB handling reworked (new validator methods, new package structure etc.)
- Misc: ArtworkDB reading implemented

0.84 (Beta 2) - 23.04.2008

- BugFix: repair actions now adds only files from a valid location
- BugFix: support reading verry old Databases
- BugFix: copy files to harddisk ends in an error if the "album" tag is empty

- Feature: search the whole iPod for media files (not only "iPod_Control/Music/") - property in "jakpod.properties" added
- Feature: compilation flag will be set dependent to the ID3-Tag field "TCMP"
- Feature: added handling of searchLPI details for newer iPods

- Misc: stateless progress bars no longer stay on top if the JakPod application lost the focus 

0.84 (Beta 1) - 30.09.2007

- BugFix: AlbumList handling extendet

- Feature: new iPod support added (only if an SysInfo or SysInfoExtended file is present in "/iPod_Control/Device/" and contains a valid FireWireGUID!)

0.83 - 15.09.2007

- BugFix: parser improved to read old iTunesDBs
- BugFix: invalid character replacement for artist/album extendet

0.82 - 22.08.2007

- Feature: Check for updates option added
- Feature: The last download location is stored in an property file

- Misc: Write the version number of iTunes 7.2 in new created iTunesDBs
- Misc: Misspelings fixed
- Misc: Code cleanup and documentation

0.81 - 29.05.2007

- Misc: some misspellings in the english language files fixed
- Misc: CR LF characters replaced with a single LF in all textfiles
- Misc: made jakpod.sh more flixible to support execution also from outside the JakPod home (eg. shortcut)

0.81 (Beta4) - 22.05.2007

- BugFix: JakPod doesn't start if there is no library playlist

- Feature: Table view now shows the date the track was added to the iPod
- Feature: "mp4" support added

- Misc: small filetype handling enhancements

08.1 (Beta3) - 27.03.2007

- BugFix: Drag n Drop on UNIX machines fixed
- BugFix: support the new iTunes track sorting

- Misc: The local lirary will be shown on the left hand when JakPod starts

08.1 (Beta2) - 20.03.2007

- BugFix: Wrong title is shown on tracks without titlenumber inside the tag

- Feature: Drag n Drop between operating system and JakPod implemented

- Misc: all errors will be written to an new created error.log file
- Misc: now you can use the F8 key to delete tracks

08 - 16.03.2007

- BugFix: Error with empty iTunes 7.1 databases fixed

- Feature: Repair actions now also can handle "mp3", "wav", "m4a", "m4b", "mp4" and "m4v" files

- Misc: iPodManager-Package code- and JavaDoc- cleanup
- Misc: New connected iPods now are logging in level "INFO" instead of "WARNING"
- Misc: Writing iTunesDB and iTunesSD now logs in level "INFO" instead of "WARNING"
- Misc: Default loglevel for iPodLoglevel set to INFO

- Knwon issues: If the "sorting tag" is used (in iTunes) - Artists may appear twice on the iPod

0.8 (Beta4) - 12.03.2007

- Bugfix: New iTunes DB writing stabilization

0.8 (Beta3) - 12.03.2007

- BugFix: Made some changes to support the new iTunesDB Format

0.8 (Beta2) - 12.03.2007

- BugFix: Made some changes to support the new iTunesDB Format

0.8 (Beta1) - 08.03.2007

- BugFix: The new iTunesDB Format is supported

0.7 - 05.03.2007

- Feature: simple search filter implemented

- Misc: english resource file corrected
- Misc: new created databases have the version number "7"
- Misc: code cleanup for the first release

0.6 (Beta)  - 2.02.2007

- Feature: english resource file added
- Feature: mp4/aac support added (experimental!)
- Feature: the about screen is implemented

0.5 (Beta) - 19.02.2007

- BugFix: UNIX related path issues fixed (most repair operations on UNIX systems was unusable before)
- BugFix: the Beta-Warning Dialog now exits the application if it is closed via "x" or "alt+F4"
- BugFix: recursive file collection fixed (there was a permission related problem)

- Feature: a new configuration value "scanForConnectedIPodsInterval" in jakpod.properties

0.41 (Beta) - 14.02.2007

- BugFix: fixed an case sensitivity bug

0.4 (Beta) - 13.02.2007

- BugFix: rework of the fixed Beta 3 - search using the keyboard again works as expected
- BugFix: typos in message boxes fixed

- Feature: marking tracks now can be done using the insert key

- Misc: new splashscreen added
- Misc: a program icon added
- Misc: program version string moved from the language file to the program itself
- Misc: a "Beta-Version" warning message added

... code cleanup for the first official beta on the new created homepage

0.3a (Beta) - 15.01.2007

- BugFix: on copying files to iPod - under some circumstances a restart of JakPod was necessary to see the tracks on the iPod

0.3 (Beta) - 15.01.2007

- BugFix: new connected iPods not found dynamically

- Feature: show a simple rating column in table view
- Feature: show an destination selection dialog before copying to harddisk
- Feature: check available space on harddisk before copying
- Feature: show an overwriting dialog on adding files to the local music library (if there are any duplicates to add)
- Feature: provide a *.bat and *.sh file to start JakPod
- Feature: check if the user has an java 6 or 7 installed - show an message window if not

... and much more small fixes (like program icon), code documentation and rework.

0.2 (Beta) - 23.12.2006

- initial public release

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